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do you feel anxious about the volatility of cryptocurrency?

Trading Cryptocurrency should not be riddled by Uncertainty

Have bad informations on cryptocurrency is going to cost you your investment. And may defer you from trading again. Are you facing one or more of these problems below?

Doing your research aimlessly?

Not seeing profits?

You do not know where to start?

Are there too much jargon to keep up with?

Are you confused by the too much information given by crypto influencers?

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Discover how we help others benefit from cryptocurrency trading

Live Weekly Coaching

Once a week, our team will get together with you to coach you on cryptocurrency trading skills and answer your questions.

Invite-Only Community

Get unlimited access to our trading community to save time and get time sensitive trading tips.

Access Market Insights

We don't just give you the skills essential to your success. You get updated trading insights and tools to increase your winning probability.

Cryptologicals Academy Gives You Everything You Need to Profit from Cryptocurrency

You don’t have to go aimlessly searching all over the web for different pieces of information and tools to earn profits by trading cryptocurrency. Join Cryptologicals Academy and get everything you need to be a skillful cryptocurrency trader.

Feel Confident Making Cryptocurrency Trades

Avoid Costly Mistakes Trading without The Right Insights

Debunk Myths About Cryptocurrency

Ride on the Volatility of Cryptocurrency Trading and Make Profit

Clear all Doubts and Uncertainty about Cryptocurrency

Stop Making Trades Based on Rumors and Guessing

Live Weekly Coaching

We Know What It Takes to Get Results

Once a week, our Crypto strategists will hold a member-only coaching session to coach you on crypto trading and answer all your questions. We make sure you are making progress every week. 

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Member-Only Community

Significantly Minimise Risk, Avoid Scams and Fraud

You will get access to our member-only Crypto Trading community where you get to meet and learn from traders with different backgrounds and in-depth knowledge on Cryptocurrency trading. Share your questions with the group and get quality & prompt responses from the community. Helping you avoid making costly mistakes.

Access Market Insights

Leave The Research to Us, Making Trading Simple

Our Crypto strategists are trained to filter bad information away from credible sources with precision and speed. This ensures those analyses are accurate and useful. We break down the insights into bite-size tips that are easy to understand.

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3 Hours Crypto Intervention

In this 3-hours Crypto Intervention, our Cryptocurrency strategists coach you through a development framework and help you to gain a foothold on crypto trading, avoid mistakes and make a profit.

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3 Hours Crypto Intervention

In this 3-hours Crypto Intervention, our Cryptocurrency strategists coach you through a development framework and help you to gain a foothold on crypto trading, avoid mistakes and make a profit.

Introduction Video – Placeholder

Can you really profit from cryptocurrency trading?



Cryptologicals has been a great jump-start for investment journey. Mimi was able to explain the basics of cryptocurrency and the different ways to make passive income through crypto. She was very patient in responding to my questions even after the mentoring. I can already see profits after a few weeks. Thank you Cryptologicals.


It is never too late to learn something new. Well planned and executed in the delivery of the lesson provided. As a newbie in crypto currency investment world the Team have already drafted different pathway on your appetite to grow your financial portfolio highly recommended at any levels. Nothing can buy experience.

John Neo

Teachings are clear. Very good guide given by mentor, taking one step at a time and not jumping around too much, and also pdf files were added to further guide you step by step. So that’s good. I can say I have a basic understanding of crypto and how to manage the trading but of course I still have so much to learn.

Emily Tan

I’ve understood a lot of things since day 1. I joined your mentorship programme. It’s not just about buying coins but also how to spot good coins to invest in. Those who want to embark on their journey in Cryptos, I recommend you to join Cryptologicals. I believe if you really want to excel well in a certain field, you need a mentor to always guide you and ensure that you are on the right track. Overall, It’s very informative!

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    Start Crypto Trading in Three Simple Steps

    Being proficient in cryptocurrency trading is not difficult. You just need a guide. Start your Cryptologicals and feel confident trading cryptocurrency with ease.

    Quick Guide to Learn Basic of Cryptocurrency

    Download “Cryptologicals Blueprint”  To find out all the basics you need to know about cryptocurrency.

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    Fundamental of cryptocurrency

    Complete list of cryptocurrency jargon

    Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

    Easy way to start with Cryptological Starter Guide

    Download “The Starter Guide on How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency”  To find out costly mistakes you can avoid before trading Cryptocurrency.

    Inside The Book

    Bitcoin versus other cryptocurrencies

    Risk management strategies

    Types of cryptocurrency wallets